Speaking Our Silence

Lindagail Roy

Inspiring Speaker

Hope moves us toward change. Together we can lead the way, one story, one conversation, one step at a time. With an array of her own survivorship experiences, Lindagail will deliver a speech of relevance to your specific topic.

Her STARS speech/presentation motivates us to take charge of our lives and promotes change. Her SEEDS speech/presentation inspires us to plant kind acts and words throughout the garden of our life.

Mental Health Advocate

Lindagail’s LET”S TALK ABOUT IT! series addresses the subjects of trauma, child abuse and neglect, depression, domestic violence and sexual assault.

Her timely and relevant messages lend support to survivors, giving voice to their pain and letting them know they need not suffer alone. She shares what was helpful and what was hurtful within her own captivating and inspirational story.

Without resources and support, mental illness, sexual harassment/assault, domestic violence, child abuse and other traumas can be devestating to our lives. We can experience secondary trauma when these things happen to someone we love.  Our silence allows the stigma to continue. LET”S TALK ABOUT IT!