What Others Say About Lindagail

Lindagail reaches her audience by speaking the truth. By shedding light on her story, her journey and brings it to life. She makes her audience feel as if they are walking alongside her. She speaks with vulnerability, honesty, grit and compassion and gets us to challenge our thinking, gets us to look at our own journey.

Lindagail is inspiring and gives us all hope! She is living proof that you can overcome any obstacle and come out stronger on the other side.

Alicia Beckman
ABE Teacher / Education Department
Minnesota Department of Corrections-Shakopee 

What makes Lindagail’s testimony so powerful is her remarkable endurance and resilience. She has a lifetime of lived experience that she generously shares to inspire people to remember their own potential and worth. Her perspective is invaluable and the care with which she treats her audience is unparalleled.

Andrea Smith
Minnesota Department of Corrections